Match The Celebrity To The Naughty Sex Secret

Some celebrities are willing to talk about anything and everything - can you guess which stars let us in on the following "sex secrets"?

Rachel Addine
Created by Rachel Addine
On Oct 13, 2019
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Ke$ha claims to have had sex with...

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Which of his exes did John Mayer refer to as "sexual napalm"?

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Which pop star has said, "I'm trisexual. I'll try anything once"?

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Who once said: "I don't pay them for sex. I pay them to leave".

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Which celeb once hired a "team of experts" to find women for him?

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Which longtime couple likes to sneak off for sex during parties?

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Which couple likes to make sex tapes; but don't put film in the camera?

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Rihanna gets a kick out of what bedroom activity?

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Which singer says he used to sleep with a different woman every night?

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Which kink has Ricky Martin admitted enjoying?

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