How Likely Are You To Stick To Your New Year's Resolution?

Is 2015 the year for change?

Rachel Addine
Created by Rachel Addine
On Nov 21, 2019

Did you keep last year's resolutions?

Every New Year's Day, my resolutions are:

The resolutions you've chosen this year...

Your resolution is:

Do you have a plan that will ensure you keep your resolution?

If you want to break a bad habit, then you have got to:

What do you beat yourself up about most?

If a genie gave you one wish, what would you ask for?

Failure is:

Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah!

You are organised and realistic. You won't be attempting anything over-ambitious this year! Although it might not be a walk in the park, with realistic expectations and careful planning - you are sure to stick to your New Year's resolution!

To help keep your goals clear for the New Year, write them down and track your progress. Good luck!!

Probably Not

Probably Not

Whether it's due to a busy work schedule or ambitious expectations, you will struggle to stick to your New Year's resolution. Are your resolutions based on what you want? or what others expect of you?

You may want to re-consider your goals for the New Year; focus on one specific aspect that you REALLY want to change and it'll be far more achievable. Good luck!!

You'll Need Some Help, But You Can Do it!

You'll Need Some Help, But You Can Do it!

Sometimes we just need a little support! As long as your resolution is just a realistic change to your lifestyle, you'll be able to stick with it, with a little help along the way. Remember, if you slip up - it's ok! Change doesn't happen overnight!

To help keep your goals clear for the New Year, tell your family and friends what you hope to achieve. They'll give you the support you need on the way. Good luck!!