Fist Fight Brings Grown Up Playground Antics To The Big Screen

If the world around you makes you feel like you could use a laugh, look no further than this film.

Fist Fight

The problem with many comedies is that they run too long and try to keep jokes going past the point of humor. Thankfully, Fist Fight navigates skillfully past these hindrances and manages to stay safely in the entertaining-and-amusing zone.

Charlie Day, in a character not too different from his on Always Sunny, plays off Ice Cube and the rest of a cast in a really fun way, creating a dynamic that keeps the film light and playful, even when the main plot point is a huge fist fight that looms over the characters.

Most importantly, Fist Fight does very well with what it has and doesn't try to overreach. The entire story takes place within a day and mostly in one location, as if it were a bottle episode of a television show.

There are a few running jokes throughout the movie that provide more laughs than the actual punchlines in the dialogue, including a mariachi band shadowing a teacher, which is my personal favorite.

Go into this movie expecting exactly what it is: a fun comedy that takes you away from the real world for an hour and a half. When it comes to laughs, it thankfully does not disappoint.

Will you check out Fist Fight?