Oscars Gift Bag 2016 Quiz: Which of the Gifts Worth $223,000 Would You Keep?

The 88th Academy Awards gift bag isn't for the faint of heart. In fact, the "unofficial" Oscars gift bag is handed out to celebrities and it's not a cheap swag bag that you'd receive at a conference. The contents are worth a whooping $223,000 and includes all-inclusive vacations. Would you take home these fancy gifts?

Jodi Jill
Created By Jodi Jill
On Mar 29, 2017

$300 worth of Personalized M&Ms

$250 worth of Joseph's Toiletries toilet paper

A $1,900 Valued Vampire Breast Lift

10-day all-expenses-paid trip to Israel worth $55,000

A year's worth of Audi car rentals from Silvercar worth $45,000

$70 worth of Signature Vodka

Hotels stays in Lake Como and Sorrento, Italy worth $10,000

$6 worth of Chapstick

Private 15-day walking tour of Japan valued at $54,000

Oscars Gift Bag Lover!

Oscars Gift Bag Lover!

You love getting goodies don't you? Even though the taxes for the $223,000 Oscars gift bag might be a bit much, you'd make it work! One of the biggest traditions surrounding the Academy Awards is seeing what the stars will be getting when they open their Oscars gift bags. Apparently, you need a gift bag too!

Is the Oscars Gift Bag Too Fancy?

Is the Oscars Gift Bag Too Fancy?

Not so sure these fancy gifts in the Oscars gift bag are perfect for your life? Yep, the products are a bit extravagant. Believe it or not, the gift bags aren't always picked up the celebrities because the items aren't too practical. Plus the tax bill for $223,000 worth of stuff might not be worth it!