10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

These illusions are crazy, just crazy! Wait till you see them!

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The Picture

So, what you see now is probably just lines. But wait! Shake your head side to side and a picture will come up! If you keep shaking your head correctly, you should see a panda.


The Elephant

If you are not paying attention, you see a elephant. But look at the legs, now what do you see? Do see the front legs, or the back legs? Crazy, right?!


Hair Road?

Now, this is wacky! This girl you see parted her hair really well! And the farmers, well, they had to farm the ground in the middle? It looks like you can walk right up the girls head for a shortcut!


Moving Painting

Look at this one! Move your head back and forth, and the image moves! I swear to you, this is just an picture!


Eye Illusion?

Looking at the screen, you see a eye, probably. And your also probably saying; "Why is it around bubbles?!" Well this is really from a bath drainer, making it look like an eye. Don't believe me? Look at the huge bubble. It's swirling with!


Levitating Lady?

Woah, is this lady an alien? No, that board isn't floating. The person that has the camera has a flag behind them. Don't you see the flagpole?


Fish Eyes?

If you are smart, you can figure this out. This lady has two fishes, making it look like they are kissing, looking like those are her eyes. Duh!


Is There An Earthquake?

No earthquake here. It is just the way the picture is made. The image is not shaking it, your brain is.


A 3D Picture On A 2D Screen?

This picture looks 3D when it's not. The way the artist does it makes it just look 3D. Well, we made a 3D picture!


Where Are The Lines Going?

These lines probably look diagonal, when they are really horizontal. The way the squares are lined up make it so the lines are diagonal.

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