PHE big quiz of the year

How much have you been paying attention to what PHE has been up to in 2016? Take part in our big quiz of the year and test your knowledge!

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Through PHE’s Change4Life programme we launched our first phone app called the Sugar Smart app, which scans the barcodes of food and drink to tell you its sugar content.

Can you tell us how much sugar equivalent to cubes is in a 360g of Branston pickle?

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PHE Weekly comes out each Wednesday and provides an operational update to support staff in their work.

This year the publication celebrated a milestone edition – which was it?

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This year as part of our public awareness and opinion survey, we asked 1,640 people: which, if any, public health issues are you concerned about? The most common answer was cancer, but what percentage gave this answer?

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Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies made an announcement on the drinking guidelines for men and women this year. For the first time ever they were set at the same level per week for both genders – what was it?

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How many times has PHE's main Twitter account (PHE_uk) been retweeted this year?

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In March, PHE launched its new adult health brand, One You, and prompted adults to reappraise their health by taking the online How Are You quiz. How many people completed the quiz?

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What year is the Science Hub/PHE Harlow expected to be fully operational?

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Colleagues joined in with the Road to Rio Challenge where people were encouraged to clock up the miles equivalent to travel from London to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. But how far apart are the two cities?

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In April CRCE published a report detailing how people in the UK are exposed to ionising radiation. What did the report say is the size of the annual average radiation dose to people living in the UK?

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Health Matters is a monthly downloadable information resource from PHE which includes infographics, videos, case studies and slide sets alongside written content, for various public health topics. How many subscribers are there?

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PHE is working with the food industry to remove sugar from the foods children eat the most - what's the target?

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What was the national E.coli 0157 outbreak in June linked to?

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Duncan Selbie wrote to the chief executives of all hospital and mental health trusts, encouraging them to make their sites healthier. In his letter he advised that all sites should be:

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At PHE's annual conference in September, what did Sir David King describe as ‘the biggest challenge that our civilisation has ever had to face up to’?

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Vitamin D is needed for bone and muscle health. PHE published new findings and advised that we should have the equivalent of how many micrograms on average a day?

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