How well do you know the Seven Modern Wonders of the World?

It's a tricky list to get your head around, but can you name the Seven Wonders of the Modern World? Have a go at our quiz and pick up a fascinating fact or two en route.

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On Nov 9, 2016
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The Seven Wonders of the Modern World list was compiled in which year?

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New York’s Empire State Building was the world’s tallest building until 1972, when it was overtaken by which towering structure?

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The Itaipu Dam stands on the Paraná River on the border of which two South American countries?

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Work finished on Toronto’s CN Tower in what year?

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August 15 2015 marked which anniversary of the official opening of the Panama Canal?

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The deepest section of the Channel Tunnel is how many metres below the sea’s surface?

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Why was the Netherlands’ North Sea Protection Works built?

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The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco and…

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