Do you know your British cuisine?

British Food Fortnight is upon us, so what better time to test your knowledge of our nation’s cuisine with this fun quiz?

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On Sep 23, 2017
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Although today they should by definition contain beef, what meat was originally the main constituent of a Cornish pasty?

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According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, which of the following must be true of any foodstuff calling itself a Yorkshire pudding?

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Which of these would NOT traditionally be found in Haggis?

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Which was named first, Cottage pie or Shepherd’s pie?

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What do the Northern Irish call this hard confectionery?

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What creates the notable texture of a traditional Cumberland sausage?

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What is another name traditionally given to Welsh cakes?

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In a 2012 poll of 60,000 Britons which asked them to list the things they love about the country, which food item beat the Sunday roast to first place?

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