Are You More Like Miranda Sings Or Colleen Ballinger?

If you say they're the same person then we cannot be friends with you.

Created by PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017

How do you feel about love?

Cats are...

Your ideal holiday destination is...

Your dress sense is...

Eyeliner is...

Pick a school subject

Pick a YouTuber to collab with

Who are you mad at right now?

Your dream job is...

Finally, how much lipstick are you wearing right now?

You're Miranda!

You're Miranda!

You're the most famous person in the world! You're full of pranks, look so 'bootiful' and have a ton of baes. We are your ultimate Mir-fan-da.

You're Colleen Ballinger!

You're Colleen Ballinger!

You're demure but still crazy fun with heaps of talent thrown in. You're a bit of a multi-tasker and a true romantic at heart. Your look is pretty low-key but you have been known to whip out a bright red lipstick every now and again...

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