QUIZ: Would You Win the Great British Bake Off?

Do you have what it takes to become the Star Baker!?

Created By PopBuzz
On Oct 25, 2017

Welcome to infamous Bake Off tent! Pick an apron to wear for the duration of your stay:

What's your favourite cupcake topping?

Do you actually know how to work an oven?

Mary just said this when she tasted your latest batch of scones. Which emoji sums up your feelings right now?


Paul is staring at you. He's judging how much chocolate ganache you're putting on your gateau - how do you react?

Pick a glorious baking innuendo

The tent is sooooo hot and your ice cream cake is melting! What do you do?

It's Showstopper time! The theme is 'Best Of British' - what do you bake?

Yes! You would win the Bake Off!

Yes! You would win the Bake Off!

Congratulations! You won! From your iced buns all the way down to your impeccable banana loaf, you impressed the judges and the trophy is now yours! You've got razor sharp attention to detail and you're never one to be underestimated! You managed to beat those show off full-time bakers and win the hearts of Mary and Paul - even though you learned how to use an oven last week.

No! But you did get to be Star Baker once!

No! But you did get to be Star Baker once!

So close yet so far! You tend to skip corners every now and then in your work and this time, it didn't pay off. Sadly, there was a pretty experienced mother-of-five who made better Profiteroles than you and you ended up being eliminated. But not to worry, you won Star Baker during Week 7 for your iconic 3D biscuit Millennium Falcon so the potential is there. Silver linings, we guess.

Nope! You flopped in week one.

Nope! You flopped in week one.

You know what they say... if you can't handle the pressure then GTFO of the Bake Off tent. Your first bake was abysmal, which is totally understandable seeing as you've never used an oven in your entire life. Paul Hollywood took pity on you at first but when your dry AF cupcakes almost made him choke, your time was truly up.