QUIZ: Were You More Hannah Montana Or iCarly?

Time to know thyself

Created By PopBuzz
On Mar 29, 2017

Are you the outgoing one in your friendship group?

Be honest: are you good at keeping secrets?

Are you closer to your parents or your siblings?

Are you goofy or a bit serious?

Do you prefer your natural hair colour or different colours?

Would you rather be famous on the internet or famous in real life?

Which emoji best describes your usual every day mood?

If you wanted to get revenge on someone, what outfit would you wear?



You're more iCarly than Hannah Montana. You're more laidback and low key but you're rarely outwitted. You've got a tight knit group of friends and you're always up to no good.

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana

You're more Hannah Montana. You're the life of the party and you've got more than a few secret skills hidden up your sleeve. You're a chameleon and always up for changing your style and surroundings.