Can You Tell The Difference Between Harry Styles And Keith Richards?

They're over 50 years apart, but when it comes to their sense of style, the 1D heartthrob and the walking miracle of the Rolling Stones could have been separated at birth. Can you tell them apart based on their fashion sense?

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On Mar 29, 2017
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Who keeps it informal with a t-shirt under their coat?

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Who thinks rings and leopard-print are a fierce combo?

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Who's rocking the scarf and neon trainers?

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Who's into beads and baring their chest?

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Whose scarf helped them snag a British Fashion Award?

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Who's taking the Amish hat out for another spin?

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Who's into setting off the red carpet in blue?

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Who graces public events with the dad-like printed shirt buttoned up to the top?

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Who's the sharp-suited star picking up a GQ Award?

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Whose sick coat is making us green with envy?

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