From Protesting In The Streets, To Winning A Council Seat

Winston won a seat on the Charlotte City Council on earlier this month.

Last year, Braxton Winston was the center of a now iconic picture that showed him standing down police during a protest over the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Earlier this month, Winston took his place on the Charlotte, North Carolina City Council.

Winston stated that his long road to winning his seat started that night in Charlotte. The iconic photo didn't lead him to running for office, but it did push him into becoming more active in other protests.

During the subsequent year, he knew that he needed to play some sort of role in the future of the city. His time protesting in the streets led him to take on a leadership role in the city; one that would see him run for City Council.

He looks to work on bettering the relationship with the community and bettering the inequality issues that have plagued the city. Winston also wants making it easier for others to participate in city affairs, but also notes that not everything will change, as basic city services need to continue.

(Source: CNN)