Why most poker players would ban Valentine's Day

It's violating Poker Player Life's Terms of Service. It's not important if are you single or in a loving relationship - V-Day should be banned!


Bankroll management? Not today...

Valentine's Day in reality is 'Spending Money Day'. Companies try to convince people that during this "special" day they must spend money on exclusive and fancy products and activities, like Michelin restaurants, 5 stars hotels or 'one rose for every day we are together' flower bouquets. It's a normal day in the middle of absolutely-not-a-special-month, in which you are obliged to spend money, just because others spend it too.


You can't stay at home to play poker

Good luck with telling your partner that you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because you
believe that one should show affection to their Significant Other on every day of the year. There's a chance that after saying this you won't have anyone to show affection to from February 15 onwards.


You can't play poker with your partner

Some poker clubs organise Christmas Events or New Year's Events. There are even Tag Team Events at the WSOP. Good luck with finding a Valentine's Day Event for couples, though. Even if you are both into poker, you will not find a game like this. And a V-Day tournament with added romantic prizes (like weekend trips to a hotel) for the winning couple could be really cool. Do you hear me, poker rooms managers?


It messes with your mindset

If your relationship can be described as 'complicated' in any way, than V-Day is a real nightmare. If you want to watch Netflix - they will recommend to you rom-coms, if you want to go outside - you will see hundreds of couples everywhere! It's hard to avoid how bad your relationship is.


It's hard to get good take out

OK, so you changed your mind about doing something different than playing poker and you're staying home to play the Turbo Series tournaments on PokerStars. As usual, when it's a big poker series online, you want to order some take away food. And of course, you want a delivery to be during a tournament break. Ah, God bless your optimistic heart - no chance for this! On Valentine's Day all couples who Netflix & Chill order food to their homes and every take away restaurant is busy as hell.


Less games available

Even if you are single and happy, V-Day still sucks. If you want to play poker today, for all the reasons above PLUS less recs are playing and less games are available.


Is there any solution? Yes, there is!

V-Day Poker Home Game! The choice is yours ,you can organise it for your single friends, or for the couples. Good luck with surviving the 14th of February!