Top 5 Best Pokemon Games to Try

Below are the top 5 best pokemon games that are famous and being played by millions of gamers. Let's have a look at them and try all of them one by o.

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On Oct 5, 2018
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Top 5 Best Pokemon Games to Try

Pokemon has been my favorite game for as long as I can remember. I started in 1999 when I was five years old. And I have loved it ever since. My first game was pokemon red and my first starter was a Bulbasaur. Over the years I have played many Pokemon games and I have liked them all. But these are five games that I love. So today I'll be counting down my top 5 favorite pokemon games of all time the stories were fantastic the Pokemon designs were great. The nostalgia impact is strong and the overall enjoyment of the games it makes you want to play them again.
Note that I will only be talking about the main Pokemon games and not spin-offs. Without any further do though, let's get right into the list and hop on that nostalgic train.

No 1) Pokemon Black and White:

 I used to say that I despised black and white because of all the Pokemon but after playing it a few times and understanding the story behind It. It made me change my mind. I was indeed wrong and some of the Pokemon were just adorable. What makes me really love this game though is how in depth the story was in terms of plot and Team Plasma subjective.
The power of Liberty and Pokemon from the trainers for ultimate freedom is pretty ingenious. But the way how it was introduced to players and shown obso seemed like it was in good content. Team plasma field of realized though that Pokemon and trainers have true friendships when they battle and are just around each other. The whole time was the puppet later when gets this was really a man running the show and realizes this in the sequence of black and white 2. Stands up booths father Seimei he is still in the bonds between trainers and Pokémon. Also, the character development of the rebel star at both the originals and sequels is pretty dynamic.
Bianca stands up to her father and chair and realizes that Pokemon aren't just for battling. The day also mentioned more actus is also freaking adorable.

No 2) Diamond,  Pearl and Platinum:

In 2007 through 2009 or the first main Pokemon games released the Nintendo DS. These were a massive improvement to the Pokemon games in terms of playing spreads and structures. I guess you can say the blocks were gone and we got into more dimensional figures. Diamond and Pearl were also the first games to ever be used with nintendo Wi-Fi and this Wi-Fi battling began. Players from around the world can battle each other and th interaction made communities for battling and even suggested sets or pokemon. More into the games though this is the first time we have ever seen a diabolical leader trying to destroy the world. You can argue rubies sapphire emerald in the remakes but they were more or less just trying to change the structure as compared to literally killing people on twisting space sometime.
 I also to point out that some Pokemon from previous generations got more evolutions changing a lot of Pokemon for the better. Some ones I really like our electivire in yen Meaghan which ones do you guys like?

No 3) Pokemon X & Y:

In 2013 we were introduced with Pokemon X&Y; everyone was blown away because we now had 3d pokémon and trainer spreads on a handheld system. This was definitely an improvement to the prior 2d features we had on the previous handhelds. It was a new era of Pokemon to me this was also an amazing new experience.  The fact that mega evolutions were brought to the screen was incredible in its own aspect.  Some of my favorite Pokemon were able to take their power to the next level and most of their forms looked majestic lots of Pokemon got the necessary buffs they needed in order for them to show their true colors.
Speaking of looking good and majestic character customization became a thing and we could have our own unique look. Despite that hat not being removable X&Y; really changed Pokemon for the better. I can definitely say that.

No 4) Pokemon Gold and Silver:

I said red was the first game I played the gold and silver and crystal were the first games I understood. These gamers were on the list due to nostalgia and the fact it was the first time we had coloration in a handheld Pokemon game.  It turned blobs and the actual sprites. My favorite Pokemon and started were introduced on with the remakes they could walk behind me. The music was also very soothing in all cities. The best factor though is that we can go back to can't do I just want the dough to region so much and it's still my favourite region but in terms of games this next one beats it.

No 5) Pokemon Heart Gold and SoulSilver:

So these next games are just the remix of pokemon gold and silver. Giotto is my home I feel like I lived here as a kid and even today I have played their heart gold and soul silver so many times. I love the improved graphics the little change of plot that was introduced. The event between Giovanni and silver filled in the mystery of who silver really was and how he got the attitude he did. Don't worry I haven't forgotten that Pokemon actually follow you around. Heartgold SoulSilver all the only pokemon games to do this.

Yellowhead Pikachu but that was only one pokemon. In these games any Pokemon KeyFolio. So you could literally have a Kyogre follow you through route 31 and it's like wow. I love the themes of all the cities remastered the routes lake of rage Union cave so many good ones. HeartGold and SoulSilver are just the perfect Pokemon games and they even include the events at Crystal if you've seen in suicune. We could even go back to Kanto again everything updated with those brilliant DS graphics. The showdown with red oh my god I can go on for hours.
These games Rock I love everything about them. Johto is the best region and home to the best Pokemon games and the two cutest Pokemon of all time.  I'm Breanna and chikorita


Well those are my top 5 favorite pokemon games i definitely will always love pokemon games. And i hope that we will still get awesome games in the future. With ultra sentiment around the corner 8th kid definitely happened what about you guys what are your favorite Pokemon games share them in the comments below if you enjoyed this review.