Which Super Bowl XLIX Team Actually Fits Your Personality?

Looking for a side to root for in Sunday's big game? Find out which team is right for you!

Created By Playbuzz
On Feb 1, 2015

How excited are you for the big game?

Which is more important, sticking to the plan or improvising as you go?

Are you a face painter or a chest painter?

Which of the following work spaces is most appealing to you?

Is discipline integral to success?

Which is more important?

Pick one:

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Cover yourself in red, white, and blue because you're meant to be a New England Patriots fan! Like the Patriots, you're calm, cool, and collected. Your greatest strength lies in your ability to rise above the noise in order to achieve your goals. No matter the pressure, you have an uncanny ability to stay poised. While some people may feel distant to you, the ones you keep close know your true warmth. You value discipline and order, and believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You are very focused in your thinking and have a clear goal set out for yourself. At times this rigidity can be a hindrance but more often than not, it is a strength. Go Pats!

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Get the dark blue and grey face paint ready, you should be rooting for the Seahawks! Like the Seahawks, you're unconventional, hard hitting, and brash. You're never afraid to speak your mind, even it might ruffle a few feathers. You talk the talk and certainly walk the walk. You don't stress over the rules and guidelines, and you encourage those around you to be open and have fun. Sometimes this may lead to a loss of control, but more often than not, it gels and everything works out. You have a keen ability to draw out the best in people while continually discovering yourself. Go Seahawks!