Who Said It: Deadpool Or Spider-Man?

Test your knowledge on these two trolls who consistently break the fourth wall. Try it if you dare bub!

Pete Olivarez
Created By Pete Olivarez
On Apr 8, 2015
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"My common sense is tingling."

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"So, skin-tight leather. Doesn't that kinda chafe?"

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"You're always safe with me around."

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"Seriously, a clinic that super heroes frequent and you think, "That's the place I want to rip off next"?! Let me ask you, and be honest, are you stupid? Or really, really stupid?"

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"I said, you're welcome. Sorry, I have laryngitis."

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"Now I get to hit on your sister, right?"

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[To Venom] You look like something I hocked up last time I had swine flu. [hocks]

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"And now I'm better at doing whatever it is Wolverine does!"

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"How about we compromise? I get my body on weekends and weekdays, you get it when I have to mow the lawn."

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"Boy! No wonder you covered your head the way you did! I don't know who you are, but one thing's for sure--a beauty contest winner you ain't!"

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