Did This Hard To Believe Downton Abbey Plot Actually Happen?

Test your Downton knowledge!

People Magazine
On Mar 29, 2017
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Matthew is able to walk again months after he is told his spine was transected in battle during World War I.

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Edith's boyfriend, Michael Gregson, had multiple wives hidden in an attic.

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Robert coughed up blood all over the dining room table after contracting a deadly virus.

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A visiting Turkish diplomat, Mr. Kemal Pamuk, died in Mary's bed.

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Mary was blackmailed by a former hotel concierge after she and Tony Gillingham had an illicit weekend away there together.

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Anna Bates was arrested for the murder of her rapist.

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O'Brien dropped a bar of soap on the wet floor so Cora would trip getting out of the tub, thereby inducing a miscarriage.

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Matthew was hit by a car and killed just hours after his son was born.

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Tom Branson attempted to assassinate a general visiting Downton during World War I.

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Robert lost literally all his money in a bad investment with a Canadian Railroad.

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