18 Things Women Who Chose To Not Have Kids Want You To Understand

Regardless of a woman's feelings on childbearing, the decision to have kids is hers alone, to be decided for her own reasons. And no woman should have to submit to society's relentless questioning on the matter.

Penelope Green
Created by Penelope Green
On Jul 21, 2015

Kids aren't necessarily the key to a fulfilling existence

Maybe I love my life just as it is, and maybe my life wouldn't be as amazing as it is if I chose to have kids. Just a thought.


Regret isn't good enough of an incentive

It's only natural, when surrounded by a sea of happy mothers, for the fear of regret to creep in. But for some women that's just not good enough of a reason to reproduce.


Nobody asks men why they don't have kids yet

Asking about a woman's child-free status doesn't become more acceptable if the woman actually wants kids. Not every woman is dying to give birth, and nobody asks men why they don't have kids yet. Sexist double standard much?


We are fully formed humans without a baby

Why do women STILL need to have children to be seen as complete human beings...? We are just fine sans baby!


Some of us don't want to go through childhood again

Childhood is hard for everyone. Some of us just don't want to go through that painful process all over again.


There are other things we want to do more

In a world where women often feel forced to choose between having kids and having a career, many prioritize their work over their kids always having to come 2nd in their lives.


Not everyone is born with a maternal instinct

While there's little research into why some women may not feel a biological drive to reproduce or lack a strong maternal instinct, there is certainly evidence that such women aren't as rare as we might think.


We don't want that kind of responsibility

There's a reason why parenting is called the hardest job in the world. You have to really want to have kids, and if you don't, maybe it's better not to have them in the first place!


We're not in a position to have kids

Many women chose not to have kids to work on themselves. Not rushing if you don't need to is a much-needed perspective


What's a "mother", anyway?

Who said that you have to vaginally deliver a baby to be a mother? You can still be mothering dogs, friends and friends' children. Who makes the rules, huh?


Not everyone has to live the same way

Women's movements of the 1960s and '70s show us that being married with kids is not the only way to live. We don't judge you for HAVING kids; don't judge us for NOT having them.


We're not so hot on the whole pregnancy thing...

You said it Honey Boo Boo. You said it.


We don't see ourselves as having an expiry date

We live in a world where women are having babies into their mid and late 40s. That gives us plenty have kids, you know, IF I change our mind. And even then we can still adopt.


There is nothing biologically wrong with us. We made a choice

It's not that we CAN'T, you see, it's that we WON'T.


We are NOT selfish


We like kids, just not our own


And what we really want you to understand is...


...That it's just a different choice.

And it's ours!

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