Is He Your Mr Right Or Mr Right Now?

How do you know if he’s the one? Take this quiz to find out.

In Karen Swan’s new book Summer at Tiffany’s- heroine Cassie is having second thoughts . . .
Cassie loves Henry. Henry loves Cassie. With a Tiffany ring on her finger, all that Cassie has left to do is plan the wedding. It should be so simple but when Henry pushes for a date, Cassie pulls back.

Take the Summer at Tiffany’s quiz and find out if you’re sure . . .

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On Jun 25, 2015

When he texts you . . .

You’ve had a massive fight . . .

The 'Future' conversation…

He’s seen you without your make-up, greasy hair, with an enormous spot that just won’t die – how do you feel?

Are you comfortable leaving him alone with your friends?

Where do you like to go on holiday?

When you’re feeling unwell?

Do your families get along?

What are your favourite books?

But is he your 'Forever' man?

He’s cancelled dinner plans to watch football with the guys, do you?

Is it time to reassess?

Is it time to reassess?

Our reading recommendation: Players

Sounds like there’s a bit of power unbalance in your relationship, if you find yourself holding your tongue and bottling things up there’s a good chance it will end in tears. Have a little more confidence in yourself and your hotness! If he doesn’t like what you have to say then it might be time to reassess.

Hey snuggle-pants!

Hey snuggle-pants!

Our reading recommendation: Summer Without You

Wow you guys are really loved-up - your pet names would make a kitten in a teacup cringe – you’re clearly made for each other. Just remember to give your friends and family a call once in a while.

Too hot to handle?

Too hot to handle?

Our reading recommendation: Prima Donna

You are total opposites – but hey opposites attract and you obviously make up for each other’s differences. If those different personalities can handle the conflicts without any building resentment then you’re on to a winner. Just remember to play nice every now and then!

Tell mum to go get that hat!

Tell mum to go get that hat!

Our reading recommendation: Summer at Tiffany's

You guys have your ups and downs like any couple but it sounds like you’re onto a good thing. While it’s not all fireworks and flowers – it’s the solidarity, the shared values and trust that has us thinking this he’s a keeper. Might be wise to tell your mum to start saving for that hat. I hear Coast are great for weddings...