Sunshine Week 2018

PNA Sunshine Week Quiz

PA NewsMedia Association
On Feb 27, 2018
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What is the difference between Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law and the Sunshine Act?

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Can I have a copy of my Township’s draft budget?

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Can I get a copy of the minutes from a School Board meeting?

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If a crime is committed in my community, what do the police have to provide, if I ask them?

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If my township denies my request for a record, how do I appeal?

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Can I record my school board’s public meeting?

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Can I get the documents that the board has (‘the board packet’) at a public meeting?

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Do agencies have to provide agendas prior to public meetings?

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Are agencies required to announce the names of people hired and fired before they vote?

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When can school boards, township supervisors, etc. have ‘private meetings,’ also called executive sessions?

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