Which Celebrity Chef Are You?

Online Kitchens UK
On Mar 29, 2017
Let's get cooking! What's your style?AggressiveSensualAdventurousSocialCarefreeChaotic What do you love to use in your recipes?Freshly caught fishFresh creamFine wine (or any wine)Prime cuts of beefTangy citrusSeasonal vegetablesLuxury chocolateFreshly made pastaPick your kitchen:What format is your TV show?A bit of everything; cooking, comedy and showbiz guests!I share my favourite delicious recipes from my kitchen!I travel to different places cooking tasty local dishes as I go!I hang out with my friends, cook something and we eat it!I push the boundaries of what can be done with food!I use my superior skills to show others how it should be done!Select a tool:A corkscrewA shotgunA knifeA sharp tongueA blowtorchA pasta machineThe perfect dining experience is:One that surprises and offers new experiencesSerious, sophisticated and Michelin starredConfusing, wild and possibly a little bit dangerousFreshly cooked local specialities with great view of the oceanGetting stuck in to great food with great friendsSweet, decedent and calorificWhat do you do in your spare time?Run marathonsGo to the pubTravelWrite booksWork on my new range of merchandiseWhat spare time?Pick a holiday destination:ParisSpaceNew YorkJapanScandinaviaThe MediterraneanWhat do you do when someone criticizes you?Bad mouth them on TwitterBan them from my restaurantI accept you can't please everyone all the timeRespond with a barrage of verbal abuse and profanityBuy them a drinkWho cares? They're only jealous