Which Character are you from 'Hades:Rise of The Gods'

Inspired by the novel by Jaqueline Stone, put your personality to the test and see which character you resemble be it Titan, God or Witch.

On Mar 29, 2017

Are you male of female

Which traits describes you best

Would you rather be a God, Goddess,Titan or Witch?

Your enemy attacks! What is your secret weapon

What color is your soul

What is your one weakness?

Welcome to Mount Olympus, home of the gods! What are you doing?

Gods love playing with mortals' lives. How would you interfere?

When it comes to sacrifices, do you find them necessary

What is the most precious thing to lose?

In a fight, do you run towards evil or from it?

If you were at war, who would you call on?

Re-Location is in order, what's the reason?

Pick your weapon, it's time to fight

Who is your favorite Greek God?



You are Hades
( God of the Underworld)
You are confident (maybe a little too confident) in everything you do. You command the spot like, and everything shines down on you. You look at life through a neutral lens, understanding the balance of good and evil. You follow your own rules and protect the ones you love. Your ultimate goal is world domination, and you are willing to crush anyone that get’s in your way



You are Stephanie
( Reincarnate of Persephone)
You are a loyal and loving friend. You are driven and you don’t let anything stand in your way. You have a bit of a dark side, and you have no problem using it to your advantage. You're reserved yet laid back, and take destiny into your own hands which makes you a serious bad ass.



You are Evangeline
( ancient witch)
You are wise beyond your years and look at the positive things in life. You are kind, energetic, and can take control of a problem if need be. Everyone comes to you for advice, and you even have a little bit of a wild streak of your own that no one knows about. You're cookey in all the right ways, and enjoy being around the people you love.



You are Cronus
( Titan of Time)
You are a master strategist. You are always the one to strike first, and you have no problem putting people in their place. You trust only yourself, and as a result, you tend to do a lot of thing by yourself. But you're okay with that! You’re the ultimate introvert, and you live your life without any apologies.