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Oddschecker US
Created by Oddschecker US
On Mar 29, 2019
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Who scored the only touchdown in Super Bowl 53?

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When Miguel Almirón left Atlanta to join Premier League side Newcastle United, how much did he cost?

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Zion Williamson was wearing the signature sneaker of which NBA star when it exploded against UNC earlier in the year?

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What is the record most amount of points scored in an NBA game?

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Alexander Ovechkin is from which Russian city?

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How much is Bryce Harper's new 13-year contract worth?

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How much is it estimated Americans bet on March Madness?

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Before this season when was the last time LeBron James didn't make the playoffs?

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Jordan Howard has just been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles but what was his jersey number at the Chicago Bears?

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Serena Williams won her first gold medal at which Olympic Games?

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