The many Designs Behind Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

The many Designs Behind Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

The founder of Ralph Lauren attrazione shirts started out his project of creating this popular polo in 1972, complete with the Polo logo that is still popular today. It first turned out in 24 colors, but is now created in only 17. There are over 35 boutiques across the United States that carry these famous polos. Ralph Lauren was formerly born in The Bronx, New York as Rob Rueben Lifshitz. His close friend changed his own and Ralph's last name to 'Lauren' when Ralph was 16 years old.

The name 'Ralph Lauren' has since become a home word among fashion mindful people all around the globe. Polo Ralph Lauren Sale by this famous name are available for both men and women, extended range and short sleeves as well. For men, there are classic-fit big horse polos, slim custom-fit big pony and regular polos, classic-fit mesh polos, and classic & custom-fit fully sleeved polos. Besides the regular polo attire for day-to-day wear, there are Olympic Games and Match Red stripe polos.

There is a "create your own" option for both males and females to design a polo with the desired color, size, adornments color, and monogrammed name of choice. Women's Rob Lauren polo shirts also come in the best horse version, classic-fit and skinny-fit polos, long-sleeved beaded snowboarding or crest polos, long or short sleeved sterling silver crest polos, USA defend polos, and even a dip-dyed version of the big pony skinny punta. All of these polos are produced from a breathable stretching cotton mesh for extra comfort.

These popular polos can be obtained not only in the retail stores that sell them directly, but also in outlet and online stores. Outlet stores offer lower prices on many items which are sold in the retailers, while there are websites that advertise the sales of polos from Rob Lauren in an even lower price. These are usually still genuine custom made polos, but at a much cheaper. The quality is still the same, there's just the potential to buy more t shirts for the similar cost of purchasing only a few in the shops.

There are always knock-offs of the real thing, when it comes to designer clothing and it's any different with Rob Lauren polo shirts. The key things to look for over a fake polo are the threads showing in the back of the tag, sloppy stitching on your back of the equine insignia, and stitching demonstrating within the shoulder joints. Even though the overall appearance is very similar between these two shirts, the building of the fake is of a far lower quality.