How Many Fun Facts Do You Know About The Nightmare Before Christmas?

You are most likely familiar with Tim Burton's classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but how much do you REALLY know when it comes to behind the scenes and characters from this classic film? Let's find out!

Nicole Powers
Created by Nicole Powers
On Apr 7, 2015
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Who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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Jack Skellington has two people who perform as him. Who plays his speaking voice?

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Now that you know who plays Jack's speaking voice, who plays his singing voice?

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How many frames did it take to make one second of the film?

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Can you name this character?

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Now who is this mischievous skeleton?

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Who is the last character from the dynamic trio?

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Around how many different heads/facial expressions did Jack have?

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How long did it take to film a minute's worth of the film?

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Who plays the voice (and singing voice) of Sally?

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How long did it take to film the entire movie?

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Surprisingly, this character has a name. What is it?

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And lastly, what year did this movie come out?

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