Upminster CC Teammates

A new weekly feature with Upminster CC players.

Week Two- James Aggio-Brewe

Best Trainer - Shaffy, will travel through snow for net
Worst Trainer - Ollie Peck, avoids all warm-ups if possible

'Can anyone give me lift mate?'

Most Skillful - Jules, he's one of those annoying people who can do most things
The Joker - Shaf 100% just talks constant breeze in 2 languages
Lightweight - Chuter, hopefully uni has improved his tolerance from 1 pint to 2 pints

Chuter during Beer Pong night!

Most intelligent - Chutes as he is doing a law degree
Least Intelligent - Louis, it's painful...
Worst dress sense - Connor Whetstone, never seen him in anything other than a tracksuit that is 1 size too big

Worst taste in music - Alan Ison, the only man in his 20's that listens to Magic or Smooth FM
Most annoying team mate habit - Louis constantly snap chatting some girl, who will inevitably just get with Jules instead #MrStealyourgirl

G8 POP tunes.

Longest in the shower - Bussey or is it D'Cruz I can never tell. Well one of those 2 anyway