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On May 16, 2017
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Paul Stratton answers the questions this week!

Best trainer is Dave Brown. He has a gait like John Wayne and crippled knees but runs all day and grunts his way through the fitness sessions. 

Worst trainer is Steve Limn. Never turns up and when he last did any running he ended up chundering. 

Steve's cats do more exercise!

Most skillful - Tom Daniels. "Ramps" is a hugely underrated batsman and one of the better fielders. A top lad. 

Joker- Ant Limn. Just talks absolute nonsense which makes me laugh. Always has a good story. 

Went to Romania once did Ant.

Lightweight - Josh Lamont. Last time I saw him get drunk he stripped naked in the clubhouse and tried to jump through a table. 

Intelligent - Tom Daniels. Absolute boff-job. 

Least Intelligent- Oliver White. Enough said.

Live footage from UCC..

Worst dress sense - Stew Hammond. Stew doesn't stand on ceremony and wants to impress no-one. Loves a tracksuit. 

Worst music - probably me. I only listen to Gaydio or 80s.

Gaydio Radio..... yeah great one Stratts.

Annoying habit - Steve Limn. Had a habit of captaining losing games last season. 

Longest in the shower - tough one. Most of the 4th XI are hung like a church mouse, but I reckon Mick "chopper" Larke stands out a bit with his leathery Hampton

Oh go on Mickie.