How well do you know Twelfth Night?

Can you tell Orsino from Olivia? Maria from Malvolio?

When Twelfth Night has its first preview in the Olivier on 15 February, it will be 415 years, one week and six days since its first performance back in 1602. So you've had plenty of time to revise.

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What tragedy does the play begin with?

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Where does the play take place?

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What is the play's full title?

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At the beginning of the play, who is Orsino in love with?

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How does Viola conceal her identity?

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What is the surname of Olivia's uncle, Sir Toby?

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Which of these things does Viola call Feste?

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Why does Sir Andrew challenge Viola to a duel?

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What is the chorus of the final song that Feste sings?

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Who does not get married at the end of the play?

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