Why Removable Wallpaper is the Big Trend You Can’t Miss

Whether you realized it or not, wallpaper is coming back and making a huge statement! You’ll see it featured on the latest HGTV shows and on various Houzz designs online. However, did you know that the wallpaper making it’s comeback is not the same as what you imagine your grandma’s vinyl to be? Nowadays, wallpaper is removable and as trendy as ever. Read on to learn why removable wallpaper is a necessity to making your next stylish interior design project a breeze.

1. It's the perfect DIY.

Removable wallpaper is perfect for a one day DIY. No need to call and schedule installers as with traditional wallpaper. Furthermore, unlike painting prep, you don’t need to cover any furniture or floors. Removable wallpaper is easy to install on your own in no time at all!

2. Durable & Versatile

Removable wallpaper can be just as quality as your high end traditional wallpaper. While there are wall decals and sticker like options on the market, there are actually even better options available as well. My Heart Wall stocks the highest quality in durable repositionable wallpaper. Our 20 oz washable repositionable wallpaper comes in three unique textures to fit any style aesthetic and stand up in quality against the best traditional wallpaper competitors.

3. Freedom from daunting commitment

The fear of permanent fixtures is a very real and very common feeling. Traditional wallpaper is a commitment because once it’s up, it will be up until you hire an installer to remove it. Even painting a room has a feeling of strong commitment because even after all the hard work, if a change is needed, the work will need to be done all over again to repaint. Removable wallpaper is nothing like that. It’s easy to remove and reposition. Our repositionable wallpaper can be removed and repositioned up to 7 times while still maintaining quality shape and integrity!

4. Less costly in the long run

While purchasing some removable wallpapers may seem more expensive up front to purchase, think about all the money you’d be saving in the long run. No more need for extra spending on installers and special adhesives. With removable wallpaper, it’s a one time cost that won’t add on over time.

5. Customization!

Lastly, there are online sources that claim removable wallpaper doesn’t come in as many options. However, that is not true anymore! Here are My Heart Wall, we offer custom options and designs so you can create whatever removable wallpaper you’d like. The possibilities are endless to bring your walls to life.

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