Which Hebrew Word Describes Your Personality?

How does Moses make tea? He brews it!

Morgan Brown
Created by Morgan Brown
On Mar 28, 2019

Which of these flowers do you like best?

Pick a nice Jewish boy or girl to bring home to your bubbie:

Choose a kosher snack to nosh on:

What is your favorite holiday?

If you could choose one word to sum up your reason for living, what would it be?

What is the most important quality in a friend?

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Pick a Yiddish word:

Yofi (Beauty)

Yofi (Beauty)

יופי (yo-fee):

Example: When looking at a majestic desert sunset, one might say "yofi" which would mean "beautiful".

You are a true beauty inside and out and the world is a more lovely place with you in it!

Shalom (Peace)

Shalom (Peace)

שלום (sha-lome):
Peace, hello and goodbye

Example: The word shalom can be used as a way of saying both hello and goodbye and also means "Peace" as in "Shalom Aleychem" meaning peace unto you.

You are a real champion of justice and peace and will always fight for what you believe in!

Chai (Life)

Chai (Life)

חי (Kh-hay)

Example: Chai (pronounced with a hard, gutteral "ch") means life. In fact, the numerical value of the Hebrew letters (ח and י) add up to 18 which represents everlasting life! To say "cheers" in Hebrew, you say L'Chaim meaning "to life"!

You live life to the fullest and are grateful for each and every day you are alive! You have the power and strength to overcome obstacles and challenges and survive even the most difficult situations! L'Chaim!

Ahava (Love)

Ahava (Love)

אהבה (ah-ha-vah):

Example: The root of Ahava is hava, which literally means to offer or to give.

You're the type of person who would offer someone the shirt off your back. You have a romantic soul and a heart of gold that yearns for true love. Keep on looking. It's just around the corner!

Kesem (Magic)

Kesem (Magic)

קסם (keh-sem):

Example: The word kesem can be used to describe something that feels absolutely magical!

Do you believe in magic? Certainly! With a wild and vivid imagination like yours it's no wonder! There is something marvelous about you that leaves people feeling enchanted and fantastic! You've got the kesem in you!

Chutzpah (Audacity, Personal Confidence)

Chutzpah (Audacity, Personal Confidence)

חוצפה (khootz-pah):
Audacity, nerve

Example: Chutzpah is pronounced with a hard, gutteral "ch" and can mean nerve, audacity, bravery and personal confidence.

You're one tough cookie who doesn't let anyone make a fool out of you! You're not afraid to speak your mind and defend what you believe in! You're brazen and outspoken with tons of chutzpah!