Which Sex And The City Character Are You?

Take this quiz and find out which character from "Sex and the City" you are most like!

Created by Molly
On Apr 13, 2015

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Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw

As Carrie, you are notoriously led by your emotions.
You often behave in a selfish manner but you are a realist about the difficulties of relationships. You are a romantic on an endless search for true love, and you refuse to settle for "anything less than butterflies"

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones

As Samantha, you are proud and confident. You also are brash, straightforward, highly protective of your friends and unafraid of confrontations.

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes

As Miranda, you have extremely cynical views on relationships and men. And you have a workaholic personality.

Charlotte York

Charlotte York

As Charlotte, you are conservative and traditional, placing more emphasis on emotional love than lust, believing in many romantic ideals, and always searching for your "knight in shining armor."
You often show signs of belief in the old-fashioned "love conquers all" notion. You are fiercely optimistic, although sometimes anxious to make sure everything goes right.