Which AHS Season Do You Belong In?

Have you ever wonder which season from American Horror Story you're destined to reside in? Take this spectacularly spooky quiz to find out!

Molly Goulden
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On Mar 29, 2017

You've just bought a house and it's move in day. But whilst you're carrying boxes to the house, a little girl is stood in your garden and she says "you're going to die in there." How do you reply?

You have been sectioned (if you chose option no. 2 in the last question, it's actually happened), but what for?

You find out that you're a distant relative of one of the Salem witches. What power do you possess?

You've been sent a letter from your local freak show, asking you if you'd like to join their clan. You reply "yes," but what abnormality would you have?

You've been invited to a dinner party in your hotel where you're staying for a few nights. What do you take as a contribution?

Do you believe that all monsters are human?

Which season of American Horror Story has been your favorite so far?

Murder House

Murder House

You belong in American Horror Story: Murder House

AHS: Murder House is the season for you!

This restored and haunted 1920s mansion is perfect for you. You're not afraid of a little spookiness and you love anything horrifyingly gruesome. Just try not to die there.



You belong in American Horror Story: Asylum

AHS: Asylum is the season for you!

Asylum is known for its supernatural sensations, and cooking up an experiment is right up your street. You're firm, sometimes unfairly, and you're a little crazy, too. But aren't we all?



You belong in American Horror Story: Coven

AHS: Coven is the season for you!

This coven is renowned for its witchcraft and unique bloodline. You are most likely a descendant of the witches, and you probably have a very close relationship with all the ladies in your family.

Freak Show

Freak Show

You belong in American Horror Story: Freak Show

AHS: Freak Show is the season for you!

Calling all freaks! Freak Show is where the freakiest humans reside. You call this place home and you definitely don't feel ashamed among your fellow freaks here. Yay, you're a freak!



You belong in American Horror Story: Hotel

AHS: Hotel is the season for you!

All you wanted was a nice little break, in a nice little hotel, but NO! This hotel is far from nice. Its murderous, sex-crazed guests will make you want to leave before you get shown your room.

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