GQ's 'comedy issue' cover spoofs a Photoshop fail by which rival magazine?

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On May 18, 2018
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Are you a news junkie? Or do you find yourself tuning out when people start talking about current affairs?

See how well you remember this week's news with our reassuringly easy quiz!

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GQ's 'comedy issue' cover spoofs a Photoshop fail by which rival magazine?

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Netflix's glossy drama The Crown won a Bafta last week. Which royal was the winner portraying?

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Researchers revealed this week that one wild animal's bed is statistically cleaner than a human's – but which?

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A scene was cut from superhero comedy Deadpool 2 at the last minute: which historical figure was featured in it?

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Kim Kardashian sparked a social media storm over a sponsored Instagram post about lollipops. But what did she claim they actually did?

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There was a shark attack in British waters this week. What made the incident particularly unusual?

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The US President weighed in on the 'Laurel vs Yanni' debate this week. But which word did he claim he heard in the infamous recording?

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The Eurovision Song Contest was interrupted by a stage invasion.
What was the protester's nickname?

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Chelsea meet Manchester United in the FA Cup this weekend. How many times have Chelsea won the trophy to date?

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Nasa announced a new mission to Mars this week. What new form of vehicle will the probe be carrying?

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What controversial piece of advice was issued to Argentinian players ahead of this year's World Cup?

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Almost everybody knows there's a royal wedding this week. But which long-running legal drama did the bride star in?

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