Do You REALLY Remember 90's Best Sitcoms?

From Cafe Nervosa to Central Perk, these characters drank coffee, talked politics, and lounged in front of the TV. How well do you remember 90s sitcoms?

Miranda Gilbert
Created by Miranda Gilbert
On Oct 13, 2019
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In the Boy Meets World episode "Last Tango in Philly," why do Topanga and Angela get mad at Cory and Shawn?

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On Dharma and Greg, when Greg gets depressed after a legal victory, what does he say he wants to do instead?

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What was the name of the anti-feminist organization that Al Bundy founded after the local nude bar is turned into a coffee shop?

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What relative does Ellen live with after her roommate Adam moves out?

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When Uncle Phil bribes Will to buy him a cheeseburger, what happens?

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In an episode of Mad About You, Jamie is bedridden. What game does her sister Lisa bring over to play?

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In Spin City, what happens to Carter while jogging in the park?

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In the first episode of Murphy Brown, we find out why she took a break from news. Why was it?

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What does Phoebe call Ross?

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In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, why does Valerie leave town?

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On The Nanny, why does Maxwell finally confess to Fran that he has feelings for her?

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In Coach, what degrees does Dauber get when he graduates?

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Frasier and Niles find a Russian heirloom and think they're descended from royalty. What are they really descended from?

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In Step by Step, on the day of their wedding ceremony, what is Frank dressed as?

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What candy do Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop into Roy during surgery?

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What kind of food always means a party on Nantucket in Wings?

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In Full House, what show does Danny host?

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In Sister Sister, why does Tamera threaten to quit her job at Food Boy?

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On Home Improvement, Jill gives Tim tickets to Swan Lake. Where does he go instead?

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Becky and Darlene want to go to a rock concert, so they try to trick Roseanne into...

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