You Won't Pass This SEX IQ Test Unless You're A Sex Genius

Right now, 19,000 people are having sex. 32,000 are making out. 75,000 are just hugging. And you…well... you're taking this quiz...

Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Feb 27, 2019

Which chemical floods your brain when you become sexually aroused?

Can a woman have multiple orgasms during a single act of sex?

Which country has the largest average penis size?

How often does the average couple have sex worldwide each year?

Can HIV be transmitted through toilet seats and swimming pools?

How long can sperm survive inside a woman's body after ejaculation?

Can stress make a man’s penis shrink?

Approximately how many nerve endings are found in the clitoris?

The size of the vagina increases during sex.

Which hormone is released when a person reaches orgasm?

How big is the average erect penis?

Can a woman get pregnant when she's on her period?

What is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States?

Which percentage of men in the USA are circumcised?

What is the average shelf life of a latex condom?

Aced it!! You're definitely a sex genius!

Aced it!! You're definitely a sex genius!

SEX GENIUS!! There's nothing you don't know about lovemaking. You must be passionate, adventurous, and imaginative. Let's hope you're as good in practice as you are on paper…

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You're NOT a sex genius!

You're NOT a sex genius!

You’re NOT a sex genius…

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