Only Highly Intelligent People Know Where These 21 Obscure Countries Are

When your IQ rises to 21, sell.

Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Feb 19, 2019

Laos is in:

Kazakhstan is in:

The Marshall Islands are in the _____ Ocean.

Mauritania is in:

Liechtenstein is in:

Serbia is in:

Guinea is in:

Azerbaijan is in:

Albania is in:

San Marino is in Europe.

Bhutan is in:

Gabon is in _____ Africa.

Mozambique is in:

Belize is in:

Benin is in:

Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is in Africa.

Suriname is in:

Micronesia is in the _____ Ocean.

Kosovo is in:

Kyrgyzstan is in:

Tanzania is in:

Congratulations!! You PASSED!!

Congratulations!! You PASSED!!

Congratulations!! You passed a test that only highly intelligent people can. You are observant, assertive, and insightful, and your memory skills are superior.
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