Only 7% Of American Adults Can Pass This Basic English Test

Do you know the difference between 'lie' and 'lay', 'effect' and 'affect', 'whom' and 'who'? 93% of the population do not, and cannot pass this basic grammar test. Can you?

Michael Rogers
On Oct 15, 2018

The storm severely ______ millions of people.

Jack kissed ______ last night?

Do you mind if I ______ here until the rain stops?

Linda is definitely stronger ______ her brother.

I genuinely feel ______ for you, but your father ______ care less.

Which is spelled correctly?

If you ______ down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

If we hurry, we ______ get there on time.

After failing the test, the student was ______ in the town square.

______ keys are on the desk?

Neither one of us ______ capable of running the marathon in the rain.

If I ______ you, I would quit.

Way to go! You're at the top 7%!

Way to go! You're at the top 7%!

We keep giving this Basic English Test to college students and only 7% get a perfect score!! You must have the traits of a PERFECT student: creative, insightful, and motivated. Teachers used to love you because you were curious and you never ran out of questions. You’re still passionate about the English language and the written word, and that's truly amazing!! Keep it up!!

Try again...

Try again...

You totally failed this basic English test:(
Maybe it just means you have the soul of an artist. You take NO notice of irrelevant data, and that's why you actually grasp information quickly and with good retention. Are we dead-on??