Can You Complete The 19 Most Used Phrases By American Women?

You'll get 19/19 if you're an American woman.

Michael Rogers
On Apr 30, 2017

To _____ the light fantastic.

Up a _____ without a paddle.

Straight _____ the horse’s mouth.

Curiosity killed the _____.

Fall _____ the wagon.

Drastic times call for drastic _____.

Bought the _____.

Best thing since sliced _____.

Not a _____ of decency.

Monday _____ quarterback.

Back to the _____ board.

Bite off more than you can _____.

Plead the _____.

Put your _____ in your mouth.

To _____ the whistle.

No _____ in this race.

Don't have a _____.

Let the chips fall where they _____.

Chomp at the _____.

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You aced it!

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