9 In 10 Americans Fail To Complete These 21 Basic Phrases

You're exceptionally bright if you can get at least 18/21 correctly.

Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Feb 19, 2019

Curiosity killed the _____.

Back to the _____ board.

Beat _____ the bush.

Every cloud has a _____ lining.

Drastic times call for drastic _____.

Fall _____ the wagon.

Hit the nail on the _____.

Let sleeping _____ lie.

Method to my _____.

Pass the _____.

Bought the _____.

Don't give up your _____ job.

Not _____ with a full deck.

Jump _____ the bandwagon.

Not a _____ of decency.

Let the _____ out of the bag.

Best thing since sliced _____.

Monday _____ quarterback.

Take it with a grain of _____.

Burn the _____ oil.

Bite _____ more than you can chew.



Congratulations! You got more than 18/21 correctly. Only 1 in 10 Americans can score as high as you did.

People like you are skilled thinkers. You automatically read letter combinations, and you scan through texts without losing your focus. You catch satire and puns, and can usually predict what is about happen in movies and books. Are we dead-on?

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You failed. You're either Italian, or French!!
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