How Well Do You Know The Wonder Years?

Revisit the classic 80's sitcom with this quiz!

Michael LiCastri
On Jun 24, 2014
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What year did The Wonder Years start airing?

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Though the theme song, "With a Little Help From My Friends", is sung by Joe Cocker for the introduction, who actually wrote it?

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In the pilot, who's brother is killed in Vietnam?

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What is the real name of the actress who plays Winnie Cooper?

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What is Kevin's father's first name?

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A long running internet myth is that actor Josh Saviano joined what hard rock band after leaving the show?

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Who was the voice of the Narrator on The Wonder Years?

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Who created The Wonder Years?

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What was Kevin's older brother named?

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What television network did The Wonder Years originally run on?

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In the series finale, where does Kevin say that Winnie goes to study art?

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What veteran football coach did Dan Lauria recently play on Broadway?

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Which actor on the show has a sister who also appeared on the show?

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Since leaving the show, Fred Savage has gone on to direct episodes for what ABC sitcom?

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