Can We Guess Your Age From Your Eating Habits?

Your eating habits change as you progress through life. For starters, brussel sprouts stop being so gross, and you gradually start choosing wines based on quality, not price (well, sometimes...).

Created By Menulog
On Feb 25, 2019

What's your favourite cuisine?

How many times per week do you order in?

How do you place your order?

You tend to choose:

You could not live without:

Pick your favourite:

Your favourite movie food scene:

How often do you photograph your food?

You're a 20-something

You're a 20-something

Go on – take a photo of your dinner.

You're a 30-something

You're a 30-something

“Hey, sorry I won’t be able to make it tomorrow…”

“Aw, why not?”

“Um, I would rather stay in bed and order food.”

You're a 40-something

You're a 40-something

Happiness is good food and even better wine.

And sometimes ordering dinner so there’s no washing up.