10 Things People Who Don't Like To Be Touched Can Relate To

Sticks and stones may break my bones but if you touch me...you die.


Freezing up when someone goes in for a hug.

It's a bodily reaction you can't control.


Getting told you're a "bad hugger".

It's seriously starting to get old.


Your personal bubble is about ten times the size of the average human's.

If you could live in a real bubble, you would.


You can only handle 2-3 seconds tops of physical contact from a stranger.

Those people who give hugs that last longer than 3 seconds are obviously working with the devil.


When you hold hands with someone, it's like they're holding onto a dead fish.

You don't like holding hands, you're not a 5-year-old.


You hate...getting...your...feet...rubbed.

Nothing is worse than this.


When you sit beside a stranger you make sure to make a space between your leg and theirs.

Touching a stranger is awkward, plus you have no idea where they've been...


You can only date overly affectionate people, otherwise you'd never get any action.

You tend to end up with heavy-touchers, otherwise it would just be the two of you in a room awkwardly stroking each other.


Crowds are a god damn nightmare.

Nuff said.


You don't understand how people can massage other people and not get weirded out.

Whether you're giving or receiving, the whole concept is just weird.