Which Sherlock Holmes Are YOU?

Benedict Cumberbatch? Robert Downey Jr.? Jonny Lee Miller? .Or maybe the good old Basil Rathbone? Which on-screen Sherlock Holmes is the one that YOU are most like? Find out by taking this fun-filled quiz! (www.sherlockholmes-fan.com)

On Mar 29, 2017

How would your friends describe your personality?

You are at a party and the host tells you a joke that isn't funny at all. How will you react?

Where do you have a tattoo on your body?

What are your thoughts about romantic love?

You're driving when someone dangerously rushes past you and screams at you for no reason. How will you react?

What kind of computer games do you like?

A guest knocks at the door of your untidy apartment. What will you do?

You are relaxing on your couch when you feel like having an apple. The apple is in the refrigerator, around 10 feet away. What will you do?

If you had to pick one of these garments, which would you pick?

What is one thing that you would NEVER do?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Your personality matches that of BBC's Sherlock!

People may think you're a weirdo and find you to be arrogant but that's not who you really are. Deep down, you do care about people close to you - you can even lay down your life for them.

It goes without saying, of course that you're mind-blowing at deduction and unmatched when it comes to observation.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, you can deduce. But you can't resist some good 'exercise.'

Action is what you crave! You may forget your friend's wedding or have a Bohemian lifestyle but there's no doubt about the fact that you'll put the bad guys in their place in the end.

Also: you're passionate when it comes to love and you're not afraid to express your emotions.

Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Your personality matches the very latest incarnation of Sherlock Holmes!

You're the tattoo-loving, language ninja who's a great blend of 'action' and 'deduction.' You've had a past - but you're now over it, ready to do what you love the most: solving unsolvable problems.

There's only flaw you've got: when something goes wrong, you have an irresistible urge to correct it right then, no matter what the consequences.

Basil Rathbone

Basil Rathbone

The first ever Sherlock Holmes on screen to lodge himself in thousands of people's hearts!

Dignified, graceful and always calm, you're evidence of the fact that genius does not always have to be crazy.

You inspire respect and trust as much by the way you carry yourself, as through your stunning intellect.

Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett

You're the most 'Holmesian' Sherlock Holmes that's ever been depicted!

You're full of Victorian grace and are also assertive at the same time. Always in control, you choose your words and actions with precision.

And yes, you're a master of disguise (when required, of course!)