Develop Point of Purchase Merchandise Displays For Your Pharmacy

The point of purchase, likewise know as POP, of your drug shop or drug store is the location in which your consumers make their purchases. A POP is normally the last checkout counter-top, and as such it's a hot-spot for add-on merchandise and impulse purchases.

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Nevertheless, as the manager of a pharmacy open near me, exactly what can you use to produce a POP merchandise display screen?

Candy and Other Snacks

Sweet displays and snack screens work well in almost every kind of business, and there is a large assortment of display components you can use to best showcase these items.

For example, you can:

Use plastic containers to show small pieces of covered sweets. If you do not have much counter top area to work with or you wish to use as lots of plastic containers as possible, you can pair these containers with wire display screen racks with shelves developed to rest on counter tops.

Use counter-top racks with tiers that angle to show packs of chewing gum or the type of candy that can be found in boxes such as Good & Plenty.

Usage counter top racks with flat shelves or tiers to show small bags of chips, trail mix, or boxes of candy bars or bagged candy such as M&M s.

Over-the-Counter Medication
Few people head into the nearest drugstore with the sole purpose of acquiring over the counter medication. Typically, individuals get these kinds of products as afterthoughts, that makes them ideal for POP merchandise displays.

Chances are, your drug store already has a quite significant screen of over the counter medication somewhere in the shop; nevertheless, you can utilize the very same sort of display fixtures gone over above to display small packets of over-the-counter medications ideal for bring in a wallet or handbag, as well as travel-sized bottles as well as full-sized bottles, for those consumers who may not intend to buy any medicine but understand they're out when they see the display at the POP counter top.

Small Medical Materials and Accessories

Whether it's diabetes testing strips or replacement batteries for hearing aids, small medical products make terrific items for POP product screens. The exact same is true for accessories like checking out glasses, travel-sized packages of bandages, and even medical identification bracelets.

Depending on the real product, you might be able to use clear plastic containers with or without wire screen racks, or you might be able to situate the merchandise on wire display screen racks with angled tiers or flat shelves. If you plan to show items like reading glasses or medical identification bracelets, make certain to check out spinning counter-top racks with pegs for hanging the items.

Convenience items at 24 hour cvs pharmacy near me

Much of the products listed above - such as over-the-counter medications and travel-sized packets of bandages - are considered benefit items by some; nevertheless, there are numerous other convenience items you can consist of in your POP merchandise display.

Consider these ideas:

Lighters and matchbooks
Small eyeglass repair packages
Travel-sized bottles of health products like shampoo, soap, and tooth paste
Tooth brushes
Small bottles of hand sanitizer
Your alternatives are really just limited to your shop's stock, your counter-top's space, and your very own imagination!

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