10 Signs You’ve Missed Your Letter to Hogwarts

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, half-giant Rubeus Hagrid finally tracks down Harry, beginning his adventure at the magical Hogwarts. And despite some pretty sticky situations, no one would think that Harry Potter would have wanted to miss out on it all. Talk about boring (and totally not movie-worthy).
So, how about you? Are you waiting for that life-changing missive to arrive from the distinguished school of magic? Here are ten signs you may have missed it already…

Megan Cox
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On Feb 7, 2015

There are a shocking amount of owls around...

You have seen an increase of nighttime fowl perched outside your bedroom window—mostly owls. As appreciative as you are for the perfect audience of your never-ending (and maybe lame) stream of knock knock jokes, the staring birds are, in fact, a little…creepy.


You talk to snakes...

You recently found yourself conversing with a snake at the pet store, only to be whacked upside the head by a prissy lady, who said you were “doing the devil’s work.” It didn’t bother you too much, but the snake seemed pretty upset about it.


Your Aunt Penelope is now a pebble..

Not long ago, you picked up a fancy-looking stick and “accidentally” turned your annoying Aunt Penelope into a rock. You have not, however, been able to reverse the spell, and Aunt Penelope is currently hanging out in your sock drawer.


You're being stalked...

There is a large, hairy man who seems to be following you. When you called the police to give a description, they hung up on you when you described your stalker as a half-giant English man who doesn’t pronounce any H sounds at the beginning of his words (for instance, saying “ ‘ey you!” instead of “Hey you!”).


You have a scar shaped like a weather event...

Your friends (and enemies) call you Flash. You do not think this is because you are fast. You believe it could be because of the lighting-shaped scar on your forehead, but it’s hard to know for sure.


You live with the Dursleys...

You have a nasty cousin, uncle, and aunt. That must mean your life is about to get better (such as—being invited to Hogwarts). Don’t most Cinderella-type stories begin with unpleasant relatives?


Your bedroom is a closet...

You live in a closet under the stairs, and however warm and cozy this room may be, you are starting to feel a bit cramped. Also, the cell phone reception is pretty spotty in there.


You have more mail than usual...

You’ve been getting A LOT of mail lately, and although it’s nice to know someone is thinking of you, you’re scared to open the letters because your nasty aunt might make you write everyone back. Seriously, can’t these people just text or message you? Are they living in the stone age? Get a smart phone already.


You know how to ride a broom...

You recently picked up a broom to sweep the floor and had the random thought that you would be good at “Quidditch.” You have no idea what it is, but think it’s probably a game. However, it could also be an anti-rash cream.


You're named Harry Potter...