The Ultimate Vamps Quiz

We have researched every inch of the boys' personal and professional lives to come up with these questions - can you answer them all successfully and prove you are the ultimate Vamps fan?

Maximum Pop!
Created by Maximum Pop!
On Mar 29, 2017
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How many brothers and sisters do the boys have in total?

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Which single did The Vamps perform on Britain's Got Talent in 2014?

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Which of these is not one of the boys' middle names?

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Which Disney actress stars in the band's 'Hurricane' music video?

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Which member was last to join the band?

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What color is the roof of the bus from the Wild Heart video?

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What is the last word sang on the standard edition of the Meet The Vamps album?

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Which band member was found through Facebook?

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How many shows did the boys perform on the 2014 Meet The Vamps tour?

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What is the name of Brad's dog?

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