What Race In The Marvel Universe Are You?

Give it a try!

Created by Marvelfan
On Jun 23, 2016

What is your favourite colour?

What power would you like to have?

Wich team would you like to join?

Choose a side

Choose your element

Who is your favourite Superhero

What is your best quality?

What is your favourite season?

Where would you live?

Where would you like to be from?



Hey you super hero! You are born to be a mutant!! You can choose between hero and villain, you would be a perfect recruit for the Xmen! Wolverine is the most popular mutant. Congrats!!!



This is one of the most nobel races! You have to be really special and powerful to be a god like Thor! And one of the hottest villains (Loki). You can join almost every team!!



Humans are one of the bests! We may not have superpowers but we have earth mightiest heroes: THE AVENGERS. You would be a perfect recruit for them!