Can We Guess If You're Canadian Or American?

Let's see if we can guess if you live south or north of the border based on the items you choose!

Martin Rycroft
Created by Martin Rycroft
On Mar 18, 2015

Beer or Wine?

Golf or Tennis?

Red or Blue?

Bear or Lion?

Desert or Forest?

France or Spain?

Tim Hortons or Dunkin' Donuts?

Passive or Aggressive?

Left or Right?

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Phillippe?

McDonalds or Subway?

Jim Carrey or Eddie Murphy?

Outie or Innie?

Fire or Ice?

Flannel or Fur?

Country or Rock 'n' Roll?

Melting Pot or Mozaic?

Nickelback or Creed?

A Boat or a Boot?



You're Canadian, EH! You definitely live above the 49th parallel in Canada... the true North, strong and free! You spend your free time out on the hockey rink, eating poutine, shopping at the Bay and sipping double doubles from good ol' Tim Horton's. You grew up watching Degrassi and going toboganning, and unlike those silly Americans, people you meet around the world actually like you! You never miss a chance to say you're sorry and you're proud to be part of the greatest nationality on earth! Go Canada Go!



You are clearly from the land of the free and the home of the brave! You love your all American football and chowing down on a good burger or steak. You were/are probably in a sorority or fraternity and pride yourself on being from the most powerful country on the planet! You don't know much about your neighbors to the North, don't they live in igloos? You have a proud national history and the eagle is your spirit animal, so it's okay that the rest of the world kind of hates you. 'Muricaaa, Hell yah!