XOXO: Check Your Knowledge Of The New Gossip Girl Reboot

You know you love her, now check how well you know her!

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On May 25, 2021

HBO MAX’s Gossip Girl reboot is everything we have been waiting for this year. The show that brought Serena, Blair, Dan and Chuck into our lives and made us drool over the luxurious penthouses, unbelievably expensive wardrobes and unimaginable scandals, is coming back with a new cast, new storylines and a new Gossip Girl.

14 years after its original premiere, we cannot wait to go back to Manhattan's Upper East Side. Now that HBO released a bunch of new information about the most anticipated show of the year, check how well you know the details of the new Queen Bee in town. XOXO.

Everything you should know about the Gossip Girl Reboot

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When will the new Gossip Girl air?

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How many episodes will the Gossip Girl reboot consist of?

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Who will narrate the Gossip Girl voice?

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Which actor from the original cast will star in the new reboot?

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Where will the new Gossip Girl take place?

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How long will each episode be?

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How old will the characters of the show be?

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